Because every Grateful Dog deserves a Grateful home.

The Grateful Dog Animal Rescue is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, all breed, no kill animal rescue group that saves dogs from high kill shelters in the rural south. We rescue, rehabilitate, and re-home our dogs through a careful adoption process to ensure a lifelong happy and structured foundation for our Grateful Dogs.


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Finding Our Rescues

We save our Grateful Dogs from high kill shelters mainly in the south. We try to save the dogs that have been there the longest, or that are the most commonly overlooked types of dogs such as bully breeds, black dogs, or older dogs at risk for euthanasia. While we save many dogs from the south, we also welcome local surrenders for those who are not able to keep their pets in the New England area. Our main  goal is to prevent cruelty to animals by rescue/rehabilitating dogs who have come from abusive pasts, and maintaining the pet population by encouraging our communities to ADOPT and spreading the importance of SPAYING/NEUTERING!

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The Reward of Fostering

Fostering can be a highly rewarding experience. By fostering, you are allowing a dog a second chance at a new life out of the shelter. Our rescue is run strictly out of foster homes, so the more foster homes we have...the more dogs we can save from euthanasia! Fostering expenses are paid for by us. We provide the crate, and food if needed. Contact us if you'd be interested in opening your home to a rescue dog and saving a life today! It is always a little hard to let our foster dogs go, but they never forget us for the experience and opportunity we gave them at another chance. Please consider fostering one of our Grateful Dogs today! 

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Adopting Vs. Buying

By adopting, you are helping not only a homeless pet but also the pet population control. Our adoptable dogs come fully vetted, up to date on all vaccinations, preventatives, spayed/neutered, and microchipped which is included in the adoption fee of $375. The costs of buying a dog usually vary from $300-$2000 and include none of the above. Not only are you saving thousands of dollars by adopting a dog, you're saving a life! Once you adopt, you can spend all of that extra money you would have spent if you'd have bought a dog through a breeder or a pet store on spoiling your happy and healthy rescue dog silly!

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 A Few Reasons to Foster a Grateful Dog

Fostering a dog can be rewarding in so many different ways. Here are some reasons we think you would love fostering. Click here for more information on fostering a Grateful dog!

1) You're Helping Save Lives!

-The number of foster homes that we have corresponds directly to the amount of dogs that we are able to commit to in the shelter, and save. By opening your home to a foster pup in need, you are saving a life and helping us accomplish our overall mission. 

2) All Aboard! Snuggles and Adventure Ahead...

-Let's face it, the best part of fostering is the snuggles that come along with it. Your foster dog will grow to LOVE you and you will grow to love them. You will experience so much together and help them get ready to succeed in their forever homes! You will be able to see your dog transition from a shelter pup to a house dog, becoming more confident in life and it's surroundings because of your love and nurture. Fostering is such a beautiful thing. We hope you want to join us in this experience! We love to see our foster parents get out their with their foster dogs and explore what New England has to offer. Exploring the outdoors is SO much better with a furry four-legged pal to share the adventure with. 


Seriously, could it get any better then that? We will make sure that everything is taken care of for your foster dog and that nothing will come out of your pocket, unless you'd like to donate a bag of food or a vet visit...we will make sure you are ALWAYS taken care of and supplied with everything you need for your foster dog. We appreciate your help and dedication to fostering and helping us save as many dogs as we possibly can!